Aug 17

Have you ever tried to make sense of something written so closely that you had to squint to see where one word left off and the next began? Difficult, isn’t it?

When you’re applying for a job, don’t make the work of potential employers any more difficult than it already is. Be certain that your resume contains carefully placed white space that sets off one section from the next and makes your resume much easier to read. After all, you went to all the work of writing it, you DO want folks to be able to read it without straining, don’t you?

Another reason for leaving enough white space in your resume to make reading it easy is that doing so allows the information in your resume to appear bigger and more extensive than it actually is. White space lends an expansive, comfortable feel that makes readers relax and tune in to the information presented rather than quickly skim it hurriedly and miss something important!

Aug 13

If you are printing and mailing your resume out to prospective employers, always use high quality bond paper so you stand out from the rest and show your level of professionalism. Using quality bond paper shows that you are serious about landing a great job and willing to do what it takes to get it.  There are many different types of bond in a rainbow of colors.

For professional positions, it is best to use white or ivory bond paper with no distracting background designs.  Bond paper is traditionally uncoated and makes a classic, rich appearance and inspires a corporate feel.  Use a heavy, impressive stock but don’t choose a bond so thick that is does not comfortably fold into an envelope for mailing. Bond weighs more so make sure you put enough postage on your envelopes when mailing resumes.

By printing your resume in bond, you prove you are aware of corporate procedures and appearances, already giving you an edge in a competitive marketplace.  For a truly polished resume that reflects corporate protocol, hire a professional resume writer.  A resume writer know how to maximize your skills on your resume as well as the right way to present it.  Resume writers can give you a great looking document that is sure to impress prospective employers.

Invest in your future by having a resume writer prepare your resume to land the dream job of a lifetime.

Aug 09

You should never include personal information on your resume. Details such as marital status, age and religion are not an employers’ business and they are not allowed to ask you these questions in accordance with United States law.

Your resume is prepared to provide pertinent professional details - not personal ones. A prospective employer Continue reading »

Aug 07
Including Major Coursework, Research Projects and Thesis

If you are lacking experience to put into your resume, showcase your education to prove your abilities to prospective employers.

When you have minimal work experience, your educational background is a way to show what you can do and how it relates to the position you want. Consider the qualifications required for the job and highlight portions of your education that give you the required skills for handle the position. For example, certain coursework may be applicable to tasks you will need to do on the job.

To maximum your educational experiences to prospective employers, include research papers and thesis you did that are on point. On your resume include Continue reading »

Aug 06

Recent graduates should take a leaf from the books of many CEOs of major industries and keep their resumes short, sweet and to the point.

That’s right, even captains of industry with many projects and top positions under their belts keep their resumes as short as possible.  They let the titles of their past positions speak for them.

Even though, as a recent graduate you won’t have numerous projects and past work experience to include on your resume, make a point of being concise about those work experiences you do have. Probably the best advice, when you are just starting out in the work world, is to make a list of your achievements, accomplishments, educational credentials and work experiences and take it to a professional resume writer. A professional resume writer knows how to present you and your transferable skills in the most positive light, and how to keep your resume concise while still including your best “selling points.”

Aug 01

You may feel that your entry level resume lacks enough “punch” to get you hired for the kind of job you want—and if you’re not including your graduate work, you may well be right!

Even though graduate work doesn’t usually add much in the way of a paycheck, it does include something else employers dearly love to see in a resume, and that’s experience!

The experience you gained in your graduate studies was certainly more focused on doing rather than on learning how to do, as most Continue reading »

Jul 17

Considering using a template for your new resume? Lots of people do. There are numerous free resume templates available online, and some of them look pretty good. The problem is, though, that you won’t be the only person using the template. In general, templates carry the risk that you’ll be perceived as lacking sufficient computer skills to write a resume without using a canned template, which may lead hiring personnel to question your validity as a job candidate as well. Continue reading »

Jul 09

Hiring a professional resume writer can be a solid business decision in many prospective employment situations. Having a weak resume can ensure you get passed over for that dream job or great promotions. When a professional resume writer prepares your resume, employers are sure to take notice of your assets.

A professional resume writer knows exactly what employers are looking for in a competitive job market. When they analyze your skills and improve your resume, they can incorporate the necessary keywords to get you noticed for the position you want. Professional resume writers can even put your resume in various formats so it can be Continue reading »

Jun 13

Keyword intensity in an online resume is important if you want to get noticed. The reason for this is simple. We live in an age of computers, utilized to save time and manpower which equates to saving money. Scanning software is used by many if not most HR professionals to perform the first scan of a resume looking for keywords related to the qualifications of that particular job. If the right mix of keywords are found then the resume is reviewed by a human being. If two or more resumes have the same keywords then the quantity or number of keywords on the resume will determine the order of priority that each resume is given. Continue reading »

Jun 07

If you are sending your resume by email, don’t send the same version that you would use if you were submitting by mail. You should create a plain text version of your resume with a limit of no more than 65 characters per line (including spaces).

How do you do this? First open your resume and perform a “save as” function – choose “plain text” as your option. Next, select the entire document and change the font to Courier 12 pt. Finally, change your margins so that the left margin is set at 1 inch, and the right at 1.75 inch. Your recipient’s email software may convert the font to whatever their default may be, but your lines will have less than 65 characters.

Never send your resume as an attachment. Instead, copy and paste the entire text of the resume in the body of your email message. It’s a good idea to email it to yourself and/or a friend to see how it looks; then you can address any additional formatting issues before sending it to potential employers.

Here are some additional tips for email your resume:

• In the subject line, list the job title or job code from the ad you are responding to
• Introduce yourself with a short cover letter (also in the body of the message)
• Carefully and thoroughly follow the application instructions listed in the ad

It only takes a split second to delete an email. Follow the rules, and yours won’t be deleted.