Aug 12

If you’ve just graduated from college or high school and want to accumulate job experience, hit your computer and find an internship online. An internship is a pre-professional, usually unpaid, job that provides students, recent graduates, and people hoping to change careers with experience in a particular career field. For students, internships can also offer college credit. If you’re thinking of transitioning into a new career field, find an internship as a way to try out a new job without making a permanent commitment.

If you’re in college, you visit your college’s Career Services office, or ask if they have a program helping students find an internship. If your college arranges to find an internship for students, they may have a web page where you can check out internships online. These internships are geared specifically toward students from your college, so you may find a perfect fit on just one visit to the site.

There are also websites designed to act as search engines just to help you find an internship. One of those,, is not only an exhaustive job listing database, it also offers an internship database – all you need to do is enter “internship” in the search field. If you’re a current student or a college graduate, call your school’s career counseling office to find out if your college is partnered with MonsterTrak – if they are, they can provide you with a password. Also try sites that let you find an internship –, one of many such sites, has a search feature that lets you to specify location, industry, job function, and even the time of year you’d like to do your internship.

If you’re a recent college graduate looking for work experience or even an older adult hoping to change careers, seriously consider an internship to get the work experience you need – or just to find out if you really want to work in that field at all. A surprising number of industries, from computer tech and banking to the restaurant business and law, offer internships for work experience and even college credit. They offer a chance for those new to a particular field to gain experience while working under mentors who know the business inside and out. Find an internship the same way you would hunt for a job – just specify that you’re looking for an internship online, rather than a permanent position.

Aug 04

Remember that commercial you heard on the radio the other day? The one with the catchy jingle that you can’t get out of your head? That’s good marketing! Take notes from that on how to create a resume that will make an impression on employers. Much like commercials or ads…resumes need to grab the attention of the reader! When writers are planning commercials for print, television, or radio, they focus on finding a ‘hook’ that will get inside your head . You should do he same thing When writing your resume.

In fact you have to write a resume that captures the attention of the hiring manager within the first couple of seconds otherwise your resume will be tossed. Resume writing allows you a creative freedom that many people don’t bother using when they create resumes for their job search. You can’t be completely off-the-wall with your resume, you can still e craft a resume that is as catchy as that new commercial and maintain your professional image.

Gather together your information and make sure that you have a copy of the job listing. The copy of the job listing will help you with this. You can read over it for keywords, or to see where the employer places the emphasis in the listing, so that you know what aspects of your skills and training they are interested in hearing about. The resume doesn’t have to give your life story, it simply has to intrigue the hiring manager enough that you get called in for an interview. Now this doesn’t mean to leave them hanging. On the contrary, you need to be sure that you provide all of the requested information, as well as a full list of your employment history and educational background.

There is a delicate balance between providing a professional looking resume and building a creative resume. Keep that professionalism in mind while you write, you can take the creativity to whatever extent possible, while still maintaining integrity in your resume writing. Many people feel like they are simply recording a documented history of their experience, you are really creating history in your resume. Your resume is the one place where you can list your job experiences the way that YOU want, to give you the best chance at landing the job.

Nothing I have written above means or insinuates that you should lie. In Fact…NEVER lie on a resume; it will come back to haunt you. Being creative in language and phrasing etc. is a far cry from telling lies. For example, instead of saying “Assistant Manager”, you could say something along the lines of “Assistant Manager of Human Resources and Employee Relations.”   This gives a much clearer idea of what you actually did at your job than the first example.

Mar 26

Looking for an accredited online master’s degree in Human Resources at a bargain price? Consider one of GetEducated’s Top 15 Ranked Best Buys in distance learning masters ~ all priced under $18,000.Ranked at the #1 spot this year is the Master of Science in Human Resources from Tarleton State University of Texas at $8,960 for Texas Residents. Non-Residents will pay considerably more at $18,540. The #2 ranked option, Troy University, of Alabama, charges the same low tuition ($11,340) regardless of state of residency.

The average cost of a distance business masters in the human resources major area, according to the survey, which included 38 regionally accredited universities, is $18,400.

GetEducated’s list of the Top 15 Best Buys in Distance Learning Masters Degrees is archived online at

Among the most expensive buys for consumers seeking a business school degree through distance learning: The University of Phoenix ($27,450); Drexel University ($37,575); Devry University ($28,700); and Golden Gate University ($40,800).

In a separate study of nationally accredited distance degrees, GetEducated’s analysts found that online degrees accredited by the Distance Education & Training Council (DETC) cost consistently less than their regionally accredited counterparts. Average cost for a DETC accredited HR master’s degree: $9,320.

Free Guide to Business Schools Online
Consumers searching for accredited online business schools can explore all their online B-School options by downloading a free copy of the clearinghouse’s 2008 guidebook to online universities,’s Best Distance Learning Graduate Schools, Business, Management and Online MBAs,

Founded in 1989,, LLC is the safest place in cyberspace to shop for an online degree. In a nationwide effort to help consumers get educated about quality online education the clearinghouse publishes independent ratings and rankings of online universities. The clearinghouse operates the Diploma Mill Police, (SM) a free online degree accreditation verification service designed to help protect online learners from educational fraud.

Mar 18

It’s difficult enough going to school, going to work, and dealing with the issues of your everyday life, but add a little summer heat and it can be downright impossible to get motivated about your education. So, rather than taking classes in a hot and stuffy classroom, why not advance your career by taking spa management courses online in the air-conditioned comfort of your own home?The Institute of Spa Management (ISM) offers online classes year-round, making it easier than ever to achieve your goals quickly and easily. Whether you are new to the spa industry or a seasoned spa professional, ISM has a program for you.

At ISM you can choose the all-inclusive Spa Management course that covers all areas of spa management, including finance, public relations, client services, marketing, and more. At the end of the course you will be fully qualified to fill any spa management position available.

You can also take individual courses, such as conflict management, human resources, customer service, and others. It’s up to you how you want to spend your summer months, but spending it advancing your career goals with ISM in the comfort of your own home makes it easier than ever.

Feb 27

Cambridge, MA (PRWEB) February 26, 2008 — Two advertising executives and two undergraduate business students launched - the first free online community of interns in the advertising and marketing industry, featuring advertising internship reviews, submitted by college students, and advertising internship openings, submitted by employers.

After noticing that students lacked a central resource for advertising internship information, and agencies lacked a central channel to connect with students,’s founders decided to fill this gap with a website that encourages and supports rewarding internship experiences for both students and employers.

“The marketplace of information lacks any substantive content for interns,” said Dan Chaparian, one of YouIntern’s founders. “ was born to give interns the inside track on positions they are considering. We then invite employers to submit their internship opportunities so that every stakeholder feels involved in the process.”

Along with internship reviews and openings, features “expert advice” from advertising professionals to help guide students toward their career goals. The founders also maintain a blog with stories from the field and from their experience in advertising. Everything builds on YouIntern’s philosophy of “freedom from coffee and copies” that liberates students from the monotony of many of today’s internships.

“ is the only place where students can read the scoop about an internship before deciding to apply. That’s why we link employers and students,” said Anand Chopra-McGowan, another founder. “Advertising is one of the hottest industries for students, and we’re inviting employers to post their open internships right next to these students.”

Internships are necessary for students who wish to build a competitive resume, and with services charging thousands of dollars for internship placement, competition and demand is higher than ever. Business Week recently reported that the National Association of Colleges and Employers noted that 62% of new hires have internship experience, and’s goal is to ensure that every stakeholder in the internship process has fair and equal access to information. has plans to become the definitive platform for honest, open information and dialogue in the form of internship reviews, and open internship postings. Current reviews and postings include leading marketing and advertising agencies like Arnold, TBWA/Chiat/Day, Burson-Marseteller, Hill Holliday, MMB, BBH, GSD&M, Mullen, Modernista! and more. Cities covered include Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and many more, with internships in summar, fall and spring semesters.

Dec 17

Rather than viewing college primarily as a four-year path to self-discovery, more freshmen arrive on campus with plans for a lucrative career already in mind, new research shows.

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) December 17, 2007 — Rather than viewing college primarily as a four-year path to self-discovery, more freshmen arrive on campus with plans for a lucrative career already in mind, new research shows.

The percentage of students who said being able to make money was a very important reason for attending college jumped to 69 percent last year from 49.9 percent in 1976, according to the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA. “Students and parents are looking at college as a long-term investment,” said Steven Goodman, a Washington, D.C. admissions adviser and author. “With tuition costs only going up, it makes sense that people are asking what the economic yield will be on the educational experience.”

More than two-thirds of college freshmen surveyed last year said the “chief benefit of a college education is that it increases one’s earning power,” according to the institute’s report “American Freshmen: Forty-Year Trends 1966-2006.” Jerry Slavonia, CEO of, said the report’s statistics are in line with his company’s own findings. “Most of the students using our site are searching for specific degree programs and specialties, such as business administration or communications.”

“Students have an idea what they’re looking for at the outset,” said Slavonia. “When they come to us, they have instant access to more than 6,000 campuses, with everything from video tours to comparisons of tuition costs, class sizes and graduation rates for schools offering similar programs.”

Goodman has always encouraged his clients to consider schools beyond the traditional roster of ‘big names.’ “That’s where Web sites such as can be invaluable,” said Goodman. “It isn’t easy for a student in California to take a drive around Pennsylvania for the weekend and look at colleges. Online resources can be incredibly useful.”

“It’s important not just to get information about the school from the people who are paid to tell you, but to seek out expert third parties,” Goodman continued. “Are the internship opportunities as wide as the admissions office makes them out to be? Is the theater department as good as the school says it is?” is adding several new features to address those types of questions, according to Slavonia, and provides a forum for first-hand critiques. “We want future students, current students, professors, admissions staff and alumni to contribute commentary and opinion,” Slavonia said. “In this way is building school profiles that go way beyond the norm. Direct access to unbiased information will produce informed decisions on the part of students and that is what it’s all about.”

Nov 08

College students are gearing up to apply and get into the educational institution of their choice.  How does your admissions letter sound?  If you’re not sure, it’s time to get some help!

Students work hard to ensure a high GPA and great SAT score.  Colleges require an admissions letter to compare you to students with similar grades, SAT scores and attributes as you.  Because of this, your admissions letter may be the most important part of your application package.  When students have similar qualifications, the deciding factor will be the content of their admissions letter.  In fact, when an admissions officers reviews your application, he or she will spend 1/3 of the time looking over your admissions letter.  It should be well-written, grammatically correct, have a proper flow and show your personality so you can stand out from the rest of the applicants.

Because your admissions letter is so important, you should seek the help you need to properly prepare it.  A professional resume writer can give your admissions letter the unique, customized and organized touch you need to grab the attention of admissions officers.  Having a professional resume writer prepare your admissions letter can mean the difference between attending your college of choice or settling for your last choice.

Oct 25

Too often, the temptation for a new high school grad who’s writing an essay for a college application is to try and sound older and more knowledgeable about the world than he or she has had time to become—which results in essays that sound pretentious, pompous or both. When writing college entrance essays, you need to write about something you know inside and out, a topic on which you are a genuine expert.

There’s really only one topic on which every person is undeniably an expert, and that’s the topic of oneself. So when writing your college entrance essays, be sure you make them personal as well as relevant and entertaining.

They should be about you, about what you’ve done, what you want to accomplish in college and in life. They should pertain to the courses you will study if accepted to college, and to the career you envision for yourself. They should also be a little lighthearted to avoid sounding preachy or too self-centered.

Keep your college essays about you, relevant to the college curricula and interesting, an you’re sure to do well with them.

Oct 23

Most college applications these days require that prospective students write an essay about themselves and why they want to attend that particular college as part of the application process.  Though this may seem daunting when you first consider it, keeping these tips in mind will help you pull it off successfully:

1. Write naturally.  This doesn’t mean, write sloppily or overuse the vernacular. It means don’t try to impress the admissions committee by overusing your thesaurus in hopes of sounding more erudite than they are.

2. Stick to the topic. Pare your essay down to the essentials requested will give you a big edge over all thise insecure applicants who will try to bore their way in by overwriting.

3. Start with a real attention-grabber. The admissions committee will probably spend no more than two minutes reading your essay. If you don’t grab their favorable attention in the very beginning, you won’t grab it at all.

4. Don’t summarize your essay in the introduction. Why should people read your essay if you tell them what’s in it before it even begins?

5. Keep a logical flow to your essay by using transition sentences between its different sections; otherwise you’ll leave readers scratching their heads and wondering what paragraph three has to do with paragraph four.

Oct 16

Creating Your Own Personal BrandTo get a leg up on the competition in today’s highly competitive business world, you’ll need to do a lot more than simply be the best.

You’ll need to develop a personal brand that lets people know that you’re the best in an instant!

Brand, of course, have been around for years. But it’s only been recently that small businesses and individuals have recognized the important economic and professional benefits that branding provides. Branding is about encapsulating all the relevant information about who you are and what you do in a short and readily recognizable form.

To develop your own personal brand, begin by listing those qualities, characteristics and achievements that distinguish you from your competitors — or your colleagues. What did you do to make yourself stand out last week? Last month? Last year? What do you think that your customers and colleagues or co-workers list as your greatest strength? Your second greatest strength? What is your most noteworthy personal trait—always being punctual, always wearing a smile, getting things done in record time? What do you do that adds value to your customers and to the world?

Once you have developed your list, begin moving from the facts to a few short lines that allow you to “sell the steak, not the sizzle.” Once you’ve got these lines, which are your brand description, start looking for places to display it. Call up the local newspaper and offer to write a series of articles on your specialty for free. Contact service organizations, community colleges and other local entities and see how your knowledge might benefit the people who use them.

Now, you’re on your way to becoming branded!