Many Employers Google Potential Employees To Gather Info Courting Your Career - by Shawn Graham
Feb 07

You did everything you needed to do to make a great impression at your job interview.  From an impressive resume to a suitable suit to impeccable manners, you feel that the job interviewer viewed you in a positive light.  Is there anything else you can do to ensure top consideration for your dream job?

Sending a follow-up letter after your interview is an important tool in your career search arsenal.  By sending a follow-up letter, you are reminding the job interviewer of your existence.  After all, the interviewer may be reviewing dozens or hundreds of resumes and people.  Your follow-up letter may be the simple reminder the interviewer needs to keep your name and face in the forefront of their thoughts.  Also, sending a follow-up letter after your interview gives you an opportunity to thank the interviewer for their time.  This shows your ability to appreciate the time constraints of your prospective employers as well as your sense of savvy with regard to proper business protocol and communication.  Sending a well-written, polite follow-up letter only takes a few minutes and can mean the difference between landing the job you want or being forgotten after you leave the job interview.

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