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Feb 04

What Will Your Search Say About You?

You are ready to apply for that dream job and have everything you need from a stellar resume to a suitable suit. Although you may think you’ve covered all your bases, did you know that many employers Google potential employees to gather more information? Consider what your Google search might say about you before you leave for that big job interview.

Although the Internet can seem like a virtual playground, the information you share online is very real and can come back to haunt you down the road – such as during a major job interview. Start by Googling yourself to see what you come up with. Are you less than satisfied with the results? Do your best to eliminate your name from negative Google searches by updating your profiles on MySpace and FaceBook or deleting controversial blog entries that you would never want a prospective employer to read. Remember, even though you may have posted your entries for the benefit of friends and fun, your next employer may also have access to your questionable quips after a simple Google search. Make sure you land that dream job by Googling yourself before you go so you know you are presenting a positive image everywhere you go.

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