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Jan 15

Melissa Giovagnoli, President of Networlding, is giving the gift of a strong career start to recent graduates. Networlding’s “101 Ways to Networld” tips booklet. This valuable information will help young adults properly network for meaningful jobs, and can be delivered online at

Networlding’s goal is to help recent graduates learn how to network wisely and to reach the best place for them in the world of work. Melissa Giovagnoli believes there is a tremendous gap between the academic degrees that students earn, and the realities and support that graduates get when it’s time to actually go out and find a job. Many times they don’t know where to begin. Recent graduates, or students getting ready to graduate, can go to our site and sign up to receive our free book. The Networlding tips booklet is a $10 value, and will be highly beneficial to any student entering the workforce.

“I’m excited about helping young adults get their first jobs – getting a ‘smart start,’” says Giovagnoli. “With over 2 million students graduating with bachelors, associates, and graduate degrees each year who are entering the workforce, this offer can make a difference by providing a practical education in networking. If every student takes advantage of this offer—which we hope they do, the total value of our offering would exceed $20 million.”

Giovagnoli is the author and/or co-author of 11 books on networking and related subjects. “My intention is to build a community of learning and practice that will start with young adults new to the working world, but also will include lots of mentoring from top business leaders,” Giovagnoli says. For further information on Networlding programs, products and services, visit

About Networlding:
Networlding offers a seven-step networking system that accelerates goal achievement. Additionally, the unique, growing Networlding community enables its members to create successful professional relationships for business and career development, marketing and leadership growth. Networlding builds value-based networks that help grow businesses and careers that create a lifetime of success.

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