Tips for Writing a Great College Admission Essay Technology Companies Hit the Road in Search of Talent First Stop… the Windy City
Oct 25

Too often, the temptation for a new high school grad who’s writing an essay for a college application is to try and sound older and more knowledgeable about the world than he or she has had time to become—which results in essays that sound pretentious, pompous or both. When writing college entrance essays, you need to write about something you know inside and out, a topic on which you are a genuine expert.

There’s really only one topic on which every person is undeniably an expert, and that’s the topic of oneself. So when writing your college entrance essays, be sure you make them personal as well as relevant and entertaining.

They should be about you, about what you’ve done, what you want to accomplish in college and in life. They should pertain to the courses you will study if accepted to college, and to the career you envision for yourself. They should also be a little lighthearted to avoid sounding preachy or too self-centered.

Keep your college essays about you, relevant to the college curricula and interesting, an you’re sure to do well with them.

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