You Want to Earn 6-Figures But Are Afraid to Invest Money for a Professional Resume… Doesn’t Make Sense! An Intern Resume: The Most Important Sections to Include
May 17

The purpose of your resume is to portray your professional life and your job qualifications. Therefore, it is inappropriate and unnecessary to list personal information, such as hobbies and political affiliations.

Generally, an employer does not care that you enjoy tennis, cross-stitching or stamp collecting. The only exception to the “no hobby” rule is when a hobby directly supports your qualifications for the position. For example, suppose you are applying for a job as an adventure tour guide, and your hobbies are whitewater rafting and hiking. Include them.

Likewise for political affiliations. If you are applying for a job in politics or government, you might include your experience campaigning door-to-door for your local state representative two summers ago. Otherwise, leave it off.

Why is it important to eliminate personal data from a resume? You never want to run the risk of offending someone or giving them a personal reason not to hire you. Yes, this is illegal, but it does happen.

Just remember, your resume is not a life story. It should be a factual summary of your education and experience, and only information that is directly related to or supportive of your job objective should ever appear on it.

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