Including Major College Coursework on your Resume: An Excellent Keyword Booster Including Graduate Work on your Entry Resume: It is Critical
Aug 17

Have you ever tried to make sense of something written so closely that you had to squint to see where one word left off and the next began? Difficult, isn’t it?

When you’re applying for a job, don’t make the work of potential employers any more difficult than it already is. Be certain that your resume contains carefully placed white space that sets off one section from the next and makes your resume much easier to read. After all, you went to all the work of writing it, you DO want folks to be able to read it without straining, don’t you?

Another reason for leaving enough white space in your resume to make reading it easy is that doing so allows the information in your resume to appear bigger and more extensive than it actually is. White space lends an expansive, comfortable feel that makes readers relax and tune in to the information presented rather than quickly skim it hurriedly and miss something important!

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