School is Out - You May Be Ready to Job Hunt but is Your Resume? Presenting Your Resume: High Quality Paper and Ink Color Do Matter
Apr 25

The decision of whether to include your GPA on your resume depends on a number of factors, including your field, your other qualifications, and your GPA itself. In technical fields, employers place a higher importance on the GPA than in other fields, so when you leave it off, employers might assume it is low.

If you are a graduate student or hold a graduate degree, employers will likely assume your GPA was high or else you would not have been admitted into your graduate program in the first place.

Many students have a higher in-major GPA than overall GPA, so if your overall GPA is rather low, including only your in-major GPA is a good option.

So what number is too low? There is no magic answer. Some resume experts contend that you should never include a GPA that is below 3.0. However, every individual’s situation is different.

For example, if you worked full-time while attending school or held leadership positions, these experiences will help balance out a lower GPA in the mind of employers, and you will be looked on more favorably than a candidate who had a perfect 4.0 but no work experience, volunteer experience, or extra-curricular activities.

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