The Purpose of a Resume is to Get You in the Interview Door - The Rest is All Up to You The Difference Between a College Graduate Resume and an Entry Level Resume
May 01

Volunteer experience can increase the impact of your resume, as long as the experience is related to your job objective. But there are other ways in which volunteer work can change your career outlook.

Volunteering can help you develop new skills, or discover talents or interests that you never realized you had. For example, planning a charity event could help you enhance your goal-setting and budgeting skills. Serving on a volunteer committee can help you learn teamwork. Leading an organization or a committee teaches strategic thinking and conflict resolution skills.

Networking is another benefit of volunteering. You’ll likely meet a diverse range of people through your efforts, so not only will you be expanding your interpersonal skills, but you also might meet someone who could help lead you to a new career opportunity. You could hear about job openings that interest you, or build relationships with others who could serve as references for you.

Finally, volunteering is a perfect way to explore new career options and fields of interest without leaving your current job situation. Thus, in serving your community you might discover an entirely new career direction!

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