Quick Facts from the U.S. Department of Labor Campus Career Centers Key to Landing Post-Graduation Jobs
Oct 09

When checking Monster.com for graduate job opportunities, you’ll find that the more closely you target your search queries, the closer the potential jobs returned. Bearing that in mind, you should set definite parameters for the kind of job you want and adhere to them throughout your search.

Once you have established these parameters, search Monster.com’s boards using key words that apply to the industry and type of job you want. From the possibilities your searches return, develop a list of prospective employers, with a minimum of 25 employers, that includes each company’s name, address, phone, website the name of the person to contact,  general information about the company such as its size, key personnel, competitors and any news releases from the company or news items about the company over the past year.

From there, start contacting each company, keeping a record of every phone conversation and e-mail contact you make. While this may seem onerous, the fact is that finding the right job is still time-consuming.  Monster.com does provide great search tools and a huge database for the graduate job seeker, but in the end that job seeker still has to do a lot of work before getting hired!

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