Common Mistakes that Most of Us Make When Writing a Professional Resume Chooses
Sep 06

Unless your college days included performing extensive research work, you should limit your college resume to one page. Headhunters and HR managers both receive so very many resumes from recent college grads these days that they want to be able to grasp the salient points of each without having to wade through mounds of irrelevant detail.

Extensive research work, of course, is important to include because it is close to real world work than your college studies.  But unless you have it, you can list your education, pertinent background facts and your relevant job experience on one sheet of paper.

Even if you began working in your family’s business at age 12, you don’t need to include every single summer and holiday job you’ve ever had. You can give potential employers an overview of the character and job skills you acquired in your early work life without giving a separate paragraph to each one.

Make it easy for potential employers to read your resume and you are far more likely to be called in for an interview.

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