Use Your Grad Resume to Showcase Research and Intern Work: It Does Matter Career Change Resume for a Middle Aged Graduate: What to Include
May 09

If you have little or no experience related to your career objective, you’ll need another way to attract a prospective employer’s attention and present yourself as a worthy candidate. To achieve this, highlight transferable skills on your resume. These are skills and abilities you possess that can be of benefit in a variety of job positions. Some examples are leadership skills, organizational skills, computer literacy, and ability to multi-task.

To identify your transferable skills, make a comprehensive list of all your work experience, school activities, volunteer work, sports, hobbies and other activities in which you have participated, as well as specific accomplishments. Carefully review the list, determining what specific skills each activity has helped you master. Then list these skills on your resume under the heading “Transferable Skills,” taking care to include only the skills that are relevant to your specific job objective. For instance, if you are seeking a job as a computer programmer, your public speaking ability isn’t really important.

Be sure to have concrete examples of each skill in mind, so that you are able to substantiate your statements in an interview situation. As a new graduate, your transferable skills are one of the keys to helping you land the position that will propel your career. Make them work for you.

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