It’s Your Move: Making Your Career Achievements Stand Out from the Crowd Writing Your College Entrance Essay: Keeping it Personal, Relevant and Interesting
Oct 23

Most college applications these days require that prospective students write an essay about themselves and why they want to attend that particular college as part of the application process.  Though this may seem daunting when you first consider it, keeping these tips in mind will help you pull it off successfully:

1. Write naturally.  This doesn’t mean, write sloppily or overuse the vernacular. It means don’t try to impress the admissions committee by overusing your thesaurus in hopes of sounding more erudite than they are.

2. Stick to the topic. Pare your essay down to the essentials requested will give you a big edge over all thise insecure applicants who will try to bore their way in by overwriting.

3. Start with a real attention-grabber. The admissions committee will probably spend no more than two minutes reading your essay. If you don’t grab their favorable attention in the very beginning, you won’t grab it at all.

4. Don’t summarize your essay in the introduction. Why should people read your essay if you tell them what’s in it before it even begins?

5. Keep a logical flow to your essay by using transition sentences between its different sections; otherwise you’ll leave readers scratching their heads and wondering what paragraph three has to do with paragraph four.

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