Applying for Jobs Online - Traps to Avoid Low GPA: Leaving off a Graduate Resume
Sep 19

When getting ready to choose a graduate school, the first thing you should consider is how well the school fits your academic goals. How well suited is it to the kind of research you want to do?

Remember, to get the most from your graduate school experience, the school you choose should have more than just a good department in your area of study; it should also have professors who share your interests and will be willing to mentor you as you move through your post graduate education.

Such professors are especially important if you want your graduate degree to take you farther into the practical applications of your subject of study. On the other hand, if you’re going after that graduate degree to make you more attractive in the job market.  the overall quality of the school’s faculty and the institution’s reputation may be more important to you than finding the ideal mentor.

Finally, if you are planning to pursue on a Ph.D. and an academic career, look for a school which has professors whose specific interests match your own.

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