Showcasing Your New Education on an Entry Level Resume Don’t Include Personal Hobbies on your New Grad Resumes
Apr 20

Unpaid experience, such as volunteer work, co-ops or internships can be very important additions to your resume, especially if you have little or no work experience. Generally, you’ll want to include a separate section on the resume for each.

For example, for volunteer work you might use the header, “Volunteer Activities,” “Volunteer Experience,” or “Community Service.” If your volunteer involvement has been extensive, include detail about your responsibilities. When volunteer work is just as important as your paid work, or if it is even more relevant to your job objective than is your work history, consider including it with your work history. You’ll want to be sure to note that it was volunteer work, however, e.g. “Newsletter Editor (Volunteer).”

The same applies to co-op experience. Try to provide as much detail as possible, as long as it is relevant to the type of work you are seeking. Employers look for such qualities as leadership, teamwork, decision-making skills, commitment and communication skills, so if you can demonstrate any of these with descriptions of your volunteer work or co-op experience, you’ll have a better chance of attracting the attention of potential employers.

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