What your GPA Says to Potential Employers Stay Clear of Colored Paper for your Professional Career Resume
Sep 03

Legal internship resumes are different from resumes written to find a job in non-legal fields.  For starters, a legal internship resume should not list a job objective since the objective is self evident.

What should be included in a legal internship resume? 

In addition to your contact information, your legal internship resume would include your education, honors and activities and experience. As a general rule, if you’ve graduated law school within the past two years, put your education at the top of your resume. The exception to this would be if you graduated from a law school not highly ranked or rated.

If graduation was longer than two years ago, list your experience first, unless you haven’t gotten any yet, in which case your education remains at the top.

When describing your education, list your law school studies first, then your college education and finally your high school degree. If you’re still in law school, be sure to include the date when you expect to graduate.

It’s usually easiest to include school honors and activities under the appropriate education heading. For example, if you graduated college with honors, list that fact along with your other college information. Honors are frequently explained by their titles, but if you’ve received honors that aren’t easy to understand by their designation, explain them. Be sure to include and positions of leadership that you have held.

List work experience in reverse chronological order and concentrate on legal experience including law clerking and intern positions. Though you can include positions held while in college or after college, keep descriptions short to keep your resume focused on legal experience.

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