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Jul 17

Considering using a template for your new resume? Lots of people do. There are numerous free resume templates available online, and some of them look pretty good. The problem is, though, that you won’t be the only person using the template. In general, templates carry the risk that you’ll be perceived as lacking sufficient computer skills to write a resume without using a canned template, which may lead hiring personnel to question your validity as a job candidate as well.

Microsoft Word templates carry more risk than other templates because they are so widely used, and because word files can become corrupted when sent as email attachments. The Word resume that looked so good on your computer screen can wind up looking like gobbledygook at the other end! Moreover, many people make the mistake of copying files from Microsoft Word to Microsoft Work, which can further mess up your design.

Face it, every resume needs to contain the same pertinent information: Your name, address, phone, email address, your job objective, education, honors, special skills and work experience. The best way to create a resume is to take all this information to a professional resume writer and have him or her write it into a individualized and professional looking resume.

Failing that, the next best thing to do is to write it yourself without resorting to using a template.

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