The Importance of the Follow-Up or Thank You Letter: Don’t Rest On a Resume or an Interview Volunteer Your Time to Strength Your Employment Horizons
Apr 30

Your resume, no matter how well-written, cannot by itself secure you a job. Its purpose is simply to make enough of an impression on employers to get you in the door for an interview. There are other job search skills that you can’t ignore if you want to be successful in your search.

For example, your cover letter is actually the first representation of yourself that an employer will see. Make sure it tells your story, and does so without grammatical errors, generic statements, or too much industry jargon.

When you do land an interview, practice your interviewing skills ahead of time with a friend or colleague who will honestly critique your ability to answer interview questions. Be sure to dress and groom appropriately for the interview; it may sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who believe it’s okay to dress casually for a job interview. It’s not!

An acquaintance who owns a computer consulting firm recently interviewed a highly qualified young man for a technician position. The candidate, however, made the unfortunate decision to arrive for the interview in jeans, a t-shirt and a baseball cap, causing the interviewer to question his ability to properly pay attention to the details of his work if hired. He wasn’t offered the job.

Your resume is simply the first step in selling yourself. Don’t forget that there is still much work to do once your resume is complete.

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