Keyword Intensity in an Online Resume Is Important If You Want to Get Noticed Interview Tips for the Graduate: Mastering Your First Career Level Job Interview
Jun 14

Summer is here and the job race for new graduates is heating up. Spring is the largest graduation season for colleges and universities and many job seekers began looking in March or April. The vast majority however are too involved in finishing up school to concentrate on a job search until they actually have graduated. At that time the competition becomes fierce with a new graduate competing against all of the other new graduates from his or her major. The summer time is a time for resumes, interviews and trying to map out the future. Companies take advantage of this time period to announce that they are seeking new employees and to try to acquire the best of the “new crop.”

The first step for the new graduate is, of course, determining a field to go into. This usually relates to a person’s major area of study. Then preparation of a professional résumé that conveys the qualifications of the new graduate is essential. This document is almost as important as the college degree itself. Keeping the importance of a good resume in mind, wise new graduates visit with and use the services of a skilled, experienced professional resume writer to present themselves in the most positive light.

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