The Importance Inclusions on a Legal Intern’s Resume Common Mistakes that Most of Us Make When Writing a Professional Resume
Sep 04

Did you see the movie “Legally Blond”, that 2001 comedy starring Reese Witherspoon in which she played a young woman who tries desperately to become accepted as a serious law student at Harvard despite the fact that she looks and acts like a real bimbo.

There’s a great scene in which our heroine is sending out resumes written on pink paper and scented with perfume.

The scene is cute, by doing this in real life will bring you anything but cute results. Some things should NOT be changed. Among these are wedding invitations, which should be printed in traditional form on high-quality invitation paper stock instead of sent by email, handwritten thank you notes instead of purchased thank you cards to which you simply sign your name.

Resumes fall into this same category. Resumes, whether written in chronological or functional format, should always, always, ALWAYS be clearly printed on white, ivory or light cream paper no lighter than 25 pound bond.

Putting your resume on colored paper may be cute in a movie, but doing so will bomb in real life!

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