High School Has No Place on a College Graduate’s Resume Applying for Jobs Online - Traps to Avoid
Sep 17

Starting at a new college is like starting a whole new life. New classes and courses of instruction and new classmates, friends and extra-curricular activities await you.  Here are a couple of tips to help you get settled in easily.

First, wait to do most of your clothes shopping until you get to your new school. Different areas have different dress “codes” and while even military schools allow some leeway these days, odds are that the students who will be your peers at your new college will dress a bit differently than your current peers do. Waiting to buy the bulk of your wardrobe until you have a good handle on what others are wearing will make feeling a part of the group much easier.

If at all possible, get a list of the books that will be required for the courses you know you’ll be taking and buy second hand versions online before you go.  This is always significantly less expensive than simply buying your required texts at the campus bookstore, and you can save hundreds of dollars this way.

Finally, take with you only those things you know you’ll need.  Resist the temptation to pack things that you think might come in handy. Lighten your load and take only those things you know will serve you well in your college career!

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