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Dec 14

Joining the ranks of over 50 colleges and universities, students of four new schools were selected by Honor Roll Online for inclusion of this unique virtual recruitment site. The new schools include Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, California Institute of Technology, Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts and Lehigh University of Pennsylvania.Each is considered a best-in-class college or university in a respective field of study and offers some of the nation’s best graduates to corporate recruiters seeking the cream of the crop.

Honor Roll has consolidated the student population of these top small colleges, universities and scholarship foundations in the United States to offer its corporate affiliates the ability to create and execute successful, cost-effective recruiting campaigns. By developing relationships with schools and students that rival most large campuses, HRO can provide corporate recruiters not only a direct communication pipeline to the most qualified and motivated candidates, but the tools to attract, identify, qualify, interview and hire them. Visit our website for more information.

Learn more about Honor Roll at HonorRollOnline.com.

What can Honor Roll do for you?

As America’s premiere provider of professional career services for superior small schools, Honor Roll Online provides you with direct access to industry-leading companies who believe your education is a valuable asset and you are a viable, attractive candidate for positions within their organization. Honor Roll Online corporate partners appreciate the depth of experience and learning you’ve already achieved and the level of commitment you’ve already demonstrated.

Although they may be unable to physically visit your campus, HRO companies visit your school virtually on a regular basis to identify and recruit the best possible candidates for their positions. Once you’ve enrolled with Honor Roll Online, don’t be surprised if companies you never thought you’d hear from contact you directly via the HRO Message Center. This simple, sophisticated and secure system allows HRO corporate partners to review your resume, request your references, pose career inquiries and schedule phone screens or web-cam interviews for internships, co-ops and permanent positions.

At the same time, you receive exclusive access to company information compiled specifically for our candidates - including special programs, unique job postings, virtual career events and other resources. In short, our corporate partners recognize Honor Roll Online candidates as some of the best and brightest in the country - and welcome your interest in them.

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