Don’t Include Personal Hobbies on your New Grad Resumes When You Should and Should Not Include your GPA on your Resume
Apr 24

When you are writing your resume, realize that employers don’t expect students or new graduates to have vast amounts of experience. Even so, your approach should be the same as for an executive with years of experience.

First, identify your job objective – this is the type of work you want to do. Next, identify which skills and qualifications employers would look for in selecting a candidate for that job, and include everything you can think of that is relevant. Finally, leave everything else off the resume.

So what should be included? Personality characteristics that are important to the job you are seeking, such as a positive attitude, leadership capabilities, and problem-solving skills. Be sure you can back these up with some real-life examples for your interview.

Of course, include your educational achievements, along with relevant course lists. Focus your job history, internships, co-ops and other work experience on skills or responsibilities that are clearly relevant to your current objective.

Additionally, include volunteer endeavors that demonstrate important qualities or are particularly pertinent to the job you are seeking. For instance, if you are seeking employment in web design, and you volunteered to build a website for a campus organization, it should be included even if you were not paid.

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