If you are Lacking Experience, Showcase Your Education Always Use High Quality Bond Paper If You Are Printing & Mailing Your Resume
Aug 09

You should never include personal information on your resume. Details such as marital status, age and religion are not an employers’ business and they are not allowed to ask you these questions in accordance with United States law.

Your resume is prepared to provide pertinent professional details - not personal ones. A prospective employer should only be interested in your ability to perform the job at hand. Listing your educational background, experience in the profession and basic contact information is the purpose of a resume. Adding personal details is inappropriate because they should never be used as the basis of hiring - or not hiring - you for a job.

By keeping the tone of your resume professional, you will appeal to the most viable employers. If you are unsure about what to include in your resume and how to make it work for you, consider hiring a professional resume writer. A professional resume writer can maximize your background and present in a fashion that appeals to prospective employers. Also, a resume writer knows the type of information to include in a resume as well as the personal details that should be omitted.

Hiring a resume writer is an investment in your future. The right resume can mean the difference between landing a great job and being unemployed, pounding the pavement for work.

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