Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Graduate Work on your Entry Level Resume If you are Lacking Experience, Showcase Your Education
Aug 06

Recent graduates should take a leaf from the books of many CEOs of major industries and keep their resumes short, sweet and to the point.

That’s right, even captains of industry with many projects and top positions under their belts keep their resumes as short as possible.  They let the titles of their past positions speak for them.

Even though, as a recent graduate you won’t have numerous projects and past work experience to include on your resume, make a point of being concise about those work experiences you do have. Probably the best advice, when you are just starting out in the work world, is to make a list of your achievements, accomplishments, educational credentials and work experiences and take it to a professional resume writer. A professional resume writer knows how to present you and your transferable skills in the most positive light, and how to keep your resume concise while still including your best “selling points.”

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