Creating Your Own Personal Brand in the Dog Eat Dog Business World Tips for Writing a Great College Admission Essay
Oct 18

Stand Out In a CrowdDon’t be modest about what you’ve managed to accomplish in life. Be bold, and shout it from the rooftops instead!

Well, okay, maybe not from the rooftops—you might attract the wrong kind of attention up there.

The point is, if you don’t tell others about your accomplishments, who will? You don’t have to bore people to death with long-winded recitations of how you did what you’ve done, either.  Simply sit down, list all your accomplishments from kindergarten until now, then pick the ones that you think set you apart from the crowd.

Use your short list to develop a few catchy ways to introduce these into your resume, your conversations, and your emails, then do just that.

You’ll stand out from the crowd for sure, now!

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