Email Attachments When You Send Your Resume Electronically: Do’s and No-No’s Summer is Here and The Job Race for New Graduates is Heating Up
Jun 13

Keyword intensity in an online resume is important if you want to get noticed. The reason for this is simple. We live in an age of computers, utilized to save time and manpower which equates to saving money. Scanning software is used by many if not most HR professionals to perform the first scan of a resume looking for keywords related to the qualifications of that particular job. If the right mix of keywords are found then the resume is reviewed by a human being. If two or more resumes have the same keywords then the quantity or number of keywords on the resume will determine the order of priority that each resume is given.

This keyword intensity needs to be a natural part of the writing process. If for instance one of the keywords is “supervision” it should be utilized as much as possible in the job descriptions and other sections of the resume, but only when it is accurate and when it fits the particular sentence it is in. Many people who are good at their jobs and great candidates are not particularly the best writers in the world and find this process difficult, which is one of the reasons a professional writer should be consulted.

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