A Degree Touting Grad Holds Promise that Employers Love: Make Sure Your Resume Tells Your Future Your Choice of Paper & Envelope for your Resume Does Matter (And so does Print Quality)
Jun 04

Keywords are absolutely essential for inclusion in your resume, most particularly if you are planning on posting it online. Keywords are used to screen resumes to determine whether a candidate possesses the right skills before reading the resume in depth, so you must be sure to know your industry’s buzzwords to understand what should appear on the resume.

That is not to say, however, that you should add keywords just to grab attention. Make sure the keywords you incorporate into your resume are actually relevant and truthful to your particular background and level of expertise.

Carefully read the job posting to determine what the position’s requirements are, then take you cue from that to identify important keywords. They can be industry-specific technologies, techniques, tools or skills that are important to doing a particular job well.

Try to avoid incorporating your keywords in awkward, forced ways. Instead, work them into bulleted lists of skills under a “Professional Profile” or “Qualifications” section. Or, you might include an “Areas of Expertise” section and create a bulleted list of keywords.

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