How to Look for an Internship Online: Some Novel Ideas Quick Facts from the U.S. Department of Labor
Oct 03

If you’re a recent or just about to be grad, it’s very tempting to write a long resume in hopes of impressing the marketplace you want to enter. However, assuming that you have the basic qualifications to perform the job for which you are applying, remember that it’s work history that hiring managers look at most closely when making their hiring decisions. While a lengthy resume may give an initial appearance that you’ve got a long work history, the truth is that you haven’t simply because you’ve been in school getting ready to work!

No hiring manager is going to be fooled for long by a resume that’s long on form and short on work history content, so do everything you can to keep your resume size down to one page.

The fact is that the important information about you will fit neatly into one page. You need to list your degrees, your career objective or job goal, a few of the jobs you’ve held outside of your college work, and that’s about it.

So keep your resume short and sweet, and don’t try to impress by sheer length alone.

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