Great Ways to Prepare for your First Post Graduate Career Interview High School Has No Place on a College Graduate’s Resume
Sep 13

We live in an age of technology that is so rapidly expanding it’s truly mind boggling. Today’s grad students are becoming proficient at computers in a way that the current job-seeking generation didn’t begin to learn until high school or beyond.

Because technological expertise is rapidly becoming more the norm than the exception, it’s critical to list every bit of the technological expertise you possess on your resume.

Today’s employers expect that virtually everyone who applies to work with them has some computer experience. Even if the description of the job for which you are applying does not specifically mention computer proficiency, be sure you list your computer skills anyway.  Why? Because virtually every position above an entry level job does require some computer savvy today, and even if the job you’re interviewing for is entry level, you want to move up eventually, don’t you?

So list every ‘techie’ capability you have, as long as they are current, and especially if they are relevant to your career field.  You never know–there may be an opening for a better job than the one you’re applying for that will require that knowledge!

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