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Aug 15

When writing a resume, be certain you include your major college coursework.  Not only will knowing about your course of study be important information for potential employers to have, but now that everyone  uses the Internet to check for absolutely everything, the same words that describe your major course of study are also great SEO terms as well!

Increasingly, employers are conducting Internet searches for new employees. They use words that describe the talents and abilities they want their new employees to have. So by including complete descriptions of your major college courses, you are providing potential employers who use those selfsame words as search engine tools with an additional means for finding (and hiring) you.

You don’t have to go to great lengths to do this, either.  Just think of the most descriptive words and phrases of your majors that are most important to you and be sure that you include these in your resume at least twice, more frequently if possible, but in different combinations.

Your resume will be SEO-optimized, which will automatically get you more interviews than you would otherwise have had!

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