White Space on a Resume: Important for Ease of Reading (Avoid Cramming!) The Most Common Cover Letter Mistakes that New Graduates Make
Aug 21

Writing a resume for your first job in the industry or profession of your choice isn’t easy when you’ve just finished graduate school isn’t easy. First of all,you don’t have much (if any) job experience in your chosen career because you’ve been too busy becoming qualified to perform it. This by itself is enough to make you feel insecure.

But don’t be dismayed! You can include your graduate work on your resume to “flesh out” your experience level and display your abilities and skills in a manner that will get you a call to be interviewed for the position you want.

Your resume should include all of your skills in the most global sense possible so that potential employers can see the strengths you have and the benefits you will bring to their organizations. Even if you haven’t yet some of your skills in the workplace, letting potential employers know that you have them gives you an edge over your competition.

So never hesitate to list and describe the work you did during your graduate studies. After all, doing that work was why you went to graduate school in the first place, wasn’t it?

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