Most Graduates Should Stick with a 1-Page Resume: Keep it Short and Concise Never Include Personal Info on Your Resume: Marital Status, Age and Religion are None of An Employers’ Business
Aug 07
Including Major Coursework, Research Projects and Thesis

If you are lacking experience to put into your resume, showcase your education to prove your abilities to prospective employers.

When you have minimal work experience, your educational background is a way to show what you can do and how it relates to the position you want. Consider the qualifications required for the job and highlight portions of your education that give you the required skills for handle the position. For example, certain coursework may be applicable to tasks you will need to do on the job.

To maximum your educational experiences to prospective employers, include research papers and thesis you did that are on point. On your resume include any academic honors you may have received and positions you held while you were in high school and college.

If you want to get the best first job possible, consider hiring a professional resume writer. A resume writer can maximize your skills and educational background to help you get that great position you really want while downplaying your lack of experience. Spending money on a professional resume writer is a solid investment in your future because it can mean the difference between landing a dream job or pounding the pavement looking for employment.

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