A Reader Asks: It is Only September… Is it Too Early to Applying for Spring Intern Positions? Just Graduating? Try and Keep Your Resume to 1 Page
Oct 01

If you want the best graduate schools and top employers in the country to notice you, your college scholastic record isn’t enough. Today, businesses and graduate schools want to see some hard evidence that applicants have acquired experience that tested  their skills and education in a real world environment.

Internship is a wise choice to fill in this gap, but a big question many college students have is, “Where do I find one?”

Well, if you’re looking for an internship,  try looking online first.  Here are a couple of websites to jump-start your search:

http://www.monstertrak.monster.com/msnintern/?WT.srch=1&s_kwcid=internet%20internship|878128819, which will give you information about internship opportunities targeted to your college, and http://takingitglobal.org/resources/prof/, which offers a database of professional internship and volunteer opportunities from which you can choose.

http://www.jobweb.com/employ/fairs/default.asp allows you to search thousands of employers using keywords.

With all the Internet resources available today, online is definitely the place to start your internship search!

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