It is Critical to Include Your Technological Competencies On Your Modern Resume Starting at a New College this Month? Some Tips to Get Settled In
Sep 14

When you were in grade school and middle school, high school seemed a world away—and the fact is, it was.  High school students get to do things that grade and middle schoolers only dream of doing. When you get to high school, your scholastic and extra-curricular achievements determine the quality of the college that will accept your application.

So far, so good.  However, once you have been graduated from college, you need to forget about your high school achievements and start looking for a job. Putting your high school attendance and accomplishments on your resume after graduating from college will make you look like you’re a kid, and one who’s hanging on to the past at that!

By the time you’re a college grad, you can vote, drink, get married, divorced, have a child and do the hundreds of other grown up activities that adults do.  You are moving into an adult world, so don’t take high school with you by putting it on your resume. Use the space to describe your college achievements, work history and job goals instead!

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