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Sep 12

Preparing for your first post graduate job interview calls for making certain that you are mentally and physically ready for any challenge you may experience.  If challenge sounds like too strong a word, consider this: the job world is tough these days.  Even when interviewers themselves are the model of proper business decorum, they will inevitably ask tough questions in oder to assess your strengths and weaknesses.

Role playing with a friend who is familiar with the kind of job you want can be tremendously helpful.  Explain that since this is your first post grad interview, you’d like to hone your interviewee skills by doing a mock interview.  Have your friend play the role of interviewer, and ask him or her to ask the toughest questions that come to mind.  Once you’ve done this for a bit, you should feel more competent and relaxed than before.

Get your clothes ready the day before.  This may sound obvious, but many a job applicant has assumed that the clothes they planned to wear wouldn’t need attention.  Make sure that clothes are clean and pressed.  Check to make certain that there are no loose seams or buttons.  Shine your shoes, clean out your purse, decide which accessories you will use.  Hang your completed interview outfit toward the front of your closet so that when the morrow dawns, you can simply step out of the shower, don your clothes and go on your way confident that you look your very best.

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