The Most Common Cover Letter Mistakes that New Graduates Make What your GPA Says to Potential Employers
Aug 28

Going back to school is such a hectic undertaking, isn’t it?  There’s all the excitement about the new school year, all the classes and learning you’ve been looking forward to, the underlying nervousness that accompanies any new undertaking and the confusion about what to take and what to leave at home.

Generally speaking, take only those items you know you will need: Your clothes, computer, cell phone, personal stereo, whatever reference books you know you’re going to need, and, of course,  your car.

Things to leave at home include all those stuffed animals/college pennants/rock star posters decorating your bedroom, as well as any items of furniture of which you’re especially fond.

Though the last may not make sense, you need to remember that your college dorm room or the off-campus room in a house you share with other students, isn’t home. It’s much better to look forward to seeing your favorites on vacation than it is to take them with you!

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