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Dec 05

Daughter of Founder of Virtual Assistant Industry Follows in Mother’s Footsteps, Spreading Telework in “Millennials” Generation

Woodstock, CT (PRWEB) December 5, 2007 - Laura Durst, a 16-year old honors student from rural Woodstock, Ct., announced today the launch of WorkInMyRoom.com (www.workinmyroom.com), the first website to offer screened telework jobs and projects for high school and college students.

The site, which Durst plans to continue to develop as she completes high school and enters college, includes paid survey taking, modeling and event staffing, voice work, writing, artwork sales, blogging, and other types of work. Some jobs are open to teens as young as 13, while others require a minimum age of 18. Durst personally screens all companies, and plans to add new opportunities regularly as schoolwork permits.

Durst says she was inspired in large part by her mother, Christine Durst, who is credited with founding the Virtual Assistant industry in the early 1990s. “My mom was a pioneer in virtual work, and is the CEO of Staffcentrix, which does virtual-career training for the US Department of State and Armed Forces and owns a teleworker site at RatRaceRebellion.com. I grew up in a home where working from home was the norm, and developing an entrepreneurial attitude was as likely as learning to feed or dress myself.”

WorkInMyRoom.com, whose revenue will be based on advertising, includes polls of visitors’ interests, and in the current poll 19% of respondents say that tuition is the top reason they want to earn money. Also high on the list are money for an automobile (18%), wardrobe and electronic items (tied at 14% each), and funds for dates/socializing (12%).

Durst counts herself among the 19% who are saving for college. “Finding a job that doesn’t interfere with after school activities, studying, and social activities can be extremely challenging. Throw transportation issues and competition for limited positions into the mix and it can seem almost impossible.”

Durst adds, “I have some exciting plans for the site, and I think my visitors will find WorkInMyRoom.com enjoyable as well as informative. Since my income is based on advertising, come visit it often!”

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