Your Choice of Paper & Envelope for your Resume Does Matter (And so does Print Quality) Keyword Intensity in an Online Resume Is Important If You Want to Get Noticed
Jun 07

If you are sending your resume by email, don’t send the same version that you would use if you were submitting by mail. You should create a plain text version of your resume with a limit of no more than 65 characters per line (including spaces).

How do you do this? First open your resume and perform a “save as” function – choose “plain text” as your option. Next, select the entire document and change the font to Courier 12 pt. Finally, change your margins so that the left margin is set at 1 inch, and the right at 1.75 inch. Your recipient’s email software may convert the font to whatever their default may be, but your lines will have less than 65 characters.

Never send your resume as an attachment. Instead, copy and paste the entire text of the resume in the body of your email message. It’s a good idea to email it to yourself and/or a friend to see how it looks; then you can address any additional formatting issues before sending it to potential employers.

Here are some additional tips for email your resume:

• In the subject line, list the job title or job code from the ad you are responding to
• Introduce yourself with a short cover letter (also in the body of the message)
• Carefully and thoroughly follow the application instructions listed in the ad

It only takes a split second to delete an email. Follow the rules, and yours won’t be deleted.

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