Are you Ready for a Behavioral Based Interview? Here is What You Need to Know Most Graduates Should Stick with a 1-Page Resume: Keep it Short and Concise
Aug 01

You may feel that your entry level resume lacks enough “punch” to get you hired for the kind of job you want—and if you’re not including your graduate work, you may well be right!

Even though graduate work doesn’t usually add much in the way of a paycheck, it does include something else employers dearly love to see in a resume, and that’s experience!

The experience you gained in your graduate studies was certainly more focused on doing rather than on learning how to do, as most undergraduate work is targeted. The mere fact that you went beyond the undergraduate level is impressive in and of itself. Naturally, you will note that on the educational section of your resume. But don’t forget to do more than simply note the experience you gained during your graduate work.

Describe every project on which you worked in ways that relate to the type of employment you want. For example, rather than give every detail of the project you headed, you might want to describe your role as “designed, implemented, selected and oversaw team members who….”

The point here is that making as much of your graduate study experience as you can will stand you in better stead than skimming over it would do.

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