Career Change Resume for a Middle Aged Graduate: What to Include Graduation is Around the Corner: Time to Dust Off the Resume (or Have a Professional Write One For You)
May 11

Most positions available today require at least some technical competency. It is important to show all of your technical skills, with the exception of software, hardware or operating systems that are outdated – say, more than even to ten years old.

Include knowledge of all software applications, operating systems, databases, programming languages, and hardware. If you include a technical skill, show in your work history where, and how, you used it.

Create a separate “technical skills” or “technical summary” section on your resume. Tailor it to the job you are applying for. You might choose to present your information in a table format, or as a comma-delineated list, depending on how lengthy your list and how much space on the resume you have to spare.

If you have taken any technical training that would be useful at work, include it on your resume as well. You should place this information in a “professional training,” “professional development,” or “education and training” section.

Organizations tend to favor candidates who are computer literate. You don’t have to be extremely technically experienced, but do include whatever proficiencies you do possess; it may give you an advantage in your job search.

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