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Oct 16

Directory of Schools has, once again, lived up to its domain name by providing an extensive and comprehensive listing of American colleges and universities. This convenient access to both traditional and online schools is a time-saver for those who lead busy lives, yet wish to pursue higher education. The one-stop DOS website also provides a new “personal assistant” service as part of its ever-expanding educational menu.

Santa Rosa, CA (PRWEB) October 16, 2007 — In a continuing effort to live up to its domain name, Directory of Schools - the number one source for online schools information — has released a commercial-free listing of every accredited college and university in the United States. For those who are busy and would love to find all of their education resources in one place, DOS is the source for comprehensive information about accredited traditional and online schools.

With all of the publicity surrounding illegal diploma mills, or ‘life experience degrees’, millions of degree-seeking students find comfort in knowing that there is a safe place on the World Wide Web to find reputable, accurate and thorough information. The DOS site also contains articles about how to avoid being victimized by diploma mills and how to choose a school that is a good fit.

Using the new Colleges and Universities in the United States directory is a snap. Just click on one of the states and peruse the alphabetical listings of schools in that state. Each listing contains the school name, address, and phone numbers. A number of schools also have e-mail contact addresses or highlighted links to information forms that, when filled out, will generate the mailing of a packet of the requested school information.

The new listing of colleges, which is easily located on the DOS website, also contains direct access links to local community and state college admissions departments. A potential student can quickly locate admissions personnel who are knowledgeable and committed to helping those who are considering higher education.

For almost 10 years, Directory of Schools has maintained a similar comprehensive listing of U.S High Schools on its website. Designed as a resource for those who are relocating or who are seeking additional information about their local schools, this listing has aided students and parents in their information searches.

Of course, financial aid is a crucial part of any college search; and most of the colleges and universities included in the new listing are equipped with designated financial aid departments and counselors that provide information to students regarding scholarships and grants, student loans, FAFSA, and more. They offer resources regarding completing federal and private financial aid applications, looking into alternative education financing, finding disability resources, and locating grant monies that target specific groups of applicants.

In addition, Directory of Schools has also instituted a new “Personal Assistant” service for those who have additional questions that are not answered in the extensive school content on the DOS website. The Contact Us link provides this excellent service.

Information seekers will find that Directory of Schools is not only their first stop for education information, but their last stop as well.

Since 1999, has connected over 21,000,000 potential students to accredited online schools and e-learning information. More than 9,328 online degrees and professional certificate programs in over 1,364 schools represent the commitment to excellence in online education through partnerships with universities, colleges and trade schools. strives to insure that partner schools are reputable by utilizing an in-house verification process which reviews accreditation or vocational industry standards relevant to each school. In addition, a comprehensive national Directory of High Schools in the United States is available on the website, along with numerous other resources. Career-minded individuals need make only one cyber-stop for all of their distance learning needs.

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