Important Things to Think About When Reviewing a Job Offer College Students Are Gearing Up to Apply: How is your Admissions Letter? Get Some Help!
Nov 01

Never send an electronic job application without a cover letter. Your potential employer may not read it in its entirety immediately, but most employers definitely do expect you to take the time to write a cover letter and to do a good job of it.

The cover letter is your potential employer’s “first look” at you.  Just as you would not go to an interview poorly groomed and dressed, so should you not allow the slightest hint of sloppiness in your cover letter.

Make it businesslike: Address it to the person using his or her title and the name and address of the firm.  You don’t have to sound stilted, but don’t be too informal, either—this is not, after all, an email update to a friend about the party you both attended last Saturday night!

Before hitting the “send” button, be sure to double check your cover letter minutely; correct any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors you might have made. If your email signature includes emoticons, remove them.

Taking the time to write a professional-sounding, correctly formatted and appropriate cover letter will go a long way toward getting you the interview you want.

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