Transferable Skills on a Graduate Resume are Critical Don’t Forget to Mention Technical Competencies on your Resume
May 10

The key to a successful career change resume is transferable skills. When you are changing careers mid-life, chances are you already have at least 15 or 20 years of job experience, but it may be completely unrelated to your current career objective – at first glance, that is.

Create a section on your resume for transferable skills, which are the skills and abilities you have acquired from past experiences that are transferable to another type of job or industry. They include such qualifications as leadership, organizational skills and computer literacy.

Don’t let your work experience be the focus of your resume. Instead, use a functional format and highlight skills. Develop a “profile” section at the top of your resume that summarizes who you are. If you have recently completed a degree program that is precipitating your career change, include this education near the top of your resume, but leave off your unrelated education.

You must tailor your resume to your target organizations and positions. Do the hard work for the interviewer – make it easy to see why you would be a good fit. Think of yourself as “new and improved” due to your experience in a different field. You offer flexibility and a fresh perspective, which are appealing qualities to many employers.

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