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Sep 25

Working your way through school, or at least contributing some of the funds needed for your support while you study, can sure enough be a tough row to hoe. For one thing, no matter how many hours you need to have in a day,there are always only 24 hours of them.  When you have to attend classes full time and work part time, that doesn’t leave much time for doing anything else other than eating and sleeping.

Following  a schedule that leaves little time for any but the basics is tiring and difficult. So try to make your load a little lighter in every way that you can.

For example, try to schedule work hours at least an hour after your last class—any closer and you’re likely to start feeling more like a rat on a treadmill than a student after a while.  If you can, schedule all your classes on two or three days of the week and arrange to work only on the remaining days.  That way, you’ll cut travel time and save on gas, plus which you’ll be able to give your full attention to whichever mode you’re in at the moment.

Finally, schedule at least one day a week when you don’t have to attend classes or work in order to recharge your batteries.

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