Always Use High Quality Bond Paper If You Are Printing & Mailing Your Resume Including Major College Coursework on your Resume: An Excellent Keyword Booster
Aug 15

Ready to go back to school?  Got your books, enough new clothes to get you through the school year and everything else you need? Unless you’ve got a brand new resume to go with your new wardrobe, the answer to that last question has to be “no.”

You need to revamp your resume to make yourself as appealing as possible to potential employers who have the kinds of part time jobs you want. So go back over what you’ve done since the last time you did a resume update, and  take careful notes.  Be sure you make note of any extra-curricular and volunteer activities you engaged or participated in.  Experience is experience however you acquire it, so don’t short yourself by only adding paid work to your current resume.

And while you’re at it, go back over your old resume using a sharp and critical eye. Imagine that you are the potential employer you want to impress. How does your resume impress you? As if it belongs to someone you’d want to hire?

If not, make the changes you know you need to make and print out some new copies!

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