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Sep 18

Applying for jobs online is easy to, but there are certain traps you need to avoid.  The most important of these is to put personal information such as your address and phone number on your online job resume. The Internet is a wonderful invention, but online job seekers need to be vigilant about providing information that could enable and identity thief to steal yours.

Remember, too, that given the huge number of online resumes, employers want to cut down on the number they actually read by applying some stringent tests. If you have a profile on LinkedIn, facebook, myspace or other online community, be certain that the information you’ve posted there about yourself meshes with what’s on your resume.  Employers know about Google, too: While you’re busy Googling the companies for which you want to work, their HR staff is busy Googling you, too. Any discrepancies between what you’ve said about yourself online and in your resume will get you kicked out of consideration in a heartbeat.

Take the time to write a real cover letter when you apply for an online job, and tailor it specifically to each company to which you apply. A generic, one-size-fits-all is never appropriate if you want to be taken seriously! And make sure your email address sounds adult and professional.  If your personal email address is, for heaven’s sake don’t use it when you apply for a job!

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