Why You Should Never List Hobbies & Political Affiliations on your Resume An Entry Level Resume: Tips to Grab An Employer’s Attention
May 18

Successfully securing an internship requires the development of a resume that includes your goals, academic background, skills, accomplishments, experience and activities. It should include information that might not be found on a typical employment resume, such as your high school experiences.

Use a chronological format, listing education and experience by the most recent first. Include an objective statement at the top of the resume, under your personal information, that describes your immediate goal.

In listing your education, include your major, minor, concentration and GPA –both overall and in your major – but only if above a 3.0. List coursework that is relevant to the internship you are seeking, as well as any academic honors and awards.

Add any work experience to your resume. It’s a good idea to divide your work history into sections: 1. Relevant Experience, and 2. Additional Experience. You can include any research and laboratory experience here, or develop a special section for this on the resume.

Other important information that should appear on the resume includes extracurricular activities, volunteer work and special skills, such as computer skills or foreign languages.

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