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Aug 13

If you are printing and mailing your resume out to prospective employers, always use high quality bond paper so you stand out from the rest and show your level of professionalism. Using quality bond paper shows that you are serious about landing a great job and willing to do what it takes to get it.  There are many different types of bond in a rainbow of colors.

For professional positions, it is best to use white or ivory bond paper with no distracting background designs.  Bond paper is traditionally uncoated and makes a classic, rich appearance and inspires a corporate feel.  Use a heavy, impressive stock but don’t choose a bond so thick that is does not comfortably fold into an envelope for mailing. Bond weighs more so make sure you put enough postage on your envelopes when mailing resumes.

By printing your resume in bond, you prove you are aware of corporate procedures and appearances, already giving you an edge in a competitive marketplace.  For a truly polished resume that reflects corporate protocol, hire a professional resume writer.  A resume writer know how to maximize your skills on your resume as well as the right way to present it.  Resume writers can give you a great looking document that is sure to impress prospective employers.

Invest in your future by having a resume writer prepare your resume to land the dream job of a lifetime.

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